What's Up With All The Glass?

Welcome to Adipose Fly Rods! We’re extremely excited to finally launch our new series of fly rods and join the world of fly fishing to bring you rods designed with passion that we hope you will appreciate. This sport is a core part of our team members’ lives and we want to give something back to the sport that has become so important to us here at Adipose.

If you’ve been around the fly fishing market before, you’ve probably seen a rise in the popularity of fiberglass rods. With the launch of our new rod ICE, we chose a fiberglass blank. Why? Simply put: for its versatility.

Fiberglass rods look great, and offer a whole new realm of possibilities in design. This means we can bring you the best looking rods on the market featuring a blank that glows in the sun like a lightsaber. Fiberglass also performs like no other material. When you want to throw a long soft cast with a dry, fiberglass can’t be beat. When you’re fishing major hatches, you want a rod that can perform the way you want it to, and the slow speed reaction of our ICE rod is perfect for dry flies or dry hopper fishing during low water months. We haven’t found a graphite rod yet that can compete with the touch you get with fiberglass, and with a 14’ leader and soft presentation you’ll be able to fool even the smartest trout.

Another great reason to fish fiberglass is its ability to bend, bend, bend. When we were designing the ICE, we kept our favorite fishing hole in mind. With our serious love for steelhead fishing, we wanted to design a rod that could stand up to hogs that put up a fight, and our 8 weight does just that. The ICE gives you the perfect balance of play and bully, and even when you’ve got a fish on that wants to kick just before you net it, the ICE can be bent to its limits to land you a monster.

Fiberglass is rods are perfect for beginners and experts alike, since it’s a forgiving teacher for novice casters. The slow speed action of fiberglass is perfect for teaching a casting stroke. This action means you can see loops form and fall apart, and even the most experienced anglers can perfect their cast. Most importantly, fiberglass is affordable. This means that anyone can learn the sport without breaking the bank, and the financial barriers that used to plague fly fishing can now be overcome.

Fiberglass rods can help you land the perfect brookie in cold Pennsylvania mountain streams, or wrestle in a shark down the shore. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add our glacier blue ICE rod to your arsenal and join the Adipose revolution!

Pre-orders begin November 17th.

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